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Fault Finding

Fault Finding is something that cannot be taught in a book or classroom, It is something that comes with experience, with over 23 years experience I have seen most things by now, Most faults can be found within a short time, sometimes in just a mater of minutes.

Rodent chewing wiring


Mice can cause so many problems, They like to chew the cables. If mice are in your property use ultrasonic alarms to keep them at bay and keep all food in air tight containers. Pest control may be called in extreme cases. DO NOT IGNORE THEM!!!

DIY Fault Finding

If you have an MCB that will not reset then try unplugging everything from the outlets and switch off any switches or isolators. It could just be a faulty appliance or lamp in a light fitting.

RCD will not reset? Switch off all MCB's first and then reset the RCD, now switch on each MCB individually until you find the circuit with the fault, Leave it isolated and Call Us.

fusebox labelling
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