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Landlords EICR

Be legal, Get Certification

As a Landlord your responsibility is to have your rental properties safe for your tenants, From as little as £140 you can meet all legal obligations.

Registered Electrician

Who can do an EICR?

Not all Electricians can legally perform EICR's They must have both the Qualifications, Experience and be registered just like a Gas safe Engineer

Correcting bad workmanship


Electrical installation condition reports (EICR) is just like an MOT for a Car but for a properties Electrical System. With 23 Years experience there is not a lot we have not seen. Prices from £130 for an EICR

Landlords Metering

With the ever increasing costs of Electricity it may be beneficial to individually meter parts of your property, This can be done by ourselves and a new MPAN number given for a new Meter to be fitted by an energy supplier.

Landlord Electric meter Flat
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